A user identification/authentication scheme using accelrometer data on mobile devices

I’ve started researching in to a user identification/authentication scheme using accelerometer data on mobile devices, as my masters research project. The goal of this research is to capture movement data from built in accelerometers of a mobile device and use that data in a identification authentication scheme. I’ll be posting my progress of work here.


Oh! I crashed my first heli on the maiden flying attempt :(

Few weeks back I finally got some time to do the final assembly tasks on the Firefox EP200. I was in too much hurry to try it out and assumed that it would fly the first time despite the tuning. The thing I forgot was the fact that I had never flown a RC model Heli. The first start indicated that instead of pushing air down the main rotor was pusing air up, forcing the heli down, when the throttle was increased.

The second try was fatal, the heli toppled and the main rotor hit the ground, breaking the main rotor assmbly, and damaging the shaft and main gear. Now I had to order the replacement parts before It could fly agian. Investignating what was wrong I found that one of the servo’s needed to be reversed, and my throttle curve settings were wrong, I should have read about how to adjust the controls of a heli before crashing. 😦 now too late.

Anyway yesterday the replacement parts arrived, and I’m going to fix it in the first instance I get some free time. This time it will not be tested on the ground, instead on my heli test pad. Hope it will fly this time.

Ubuntu 9.04 on Acer Aspire 4937G

I recently purchased an Acer Aspire 4937G, laptop. The configuration is as below.

  • ntel Core2 Duo T7450 2.13GHz
  • 4GB DDR3 Ram
  • Nvidia G105M Graphics Adapter
  • 14″ Glossy Display
  • 320GB Harddisk (Though the usable portion is around 270GB)

This laptop comes branded as a Multimedia Laptop which is supposed to have built in DVD player application (embeded), But I couldn’t yet discover how to get it to work, without Vista. (I may have corrupted the specific application partition (which has a embeded XP) when installing linux as it gives a HAL error when I load it through the GRUB).

The ubuntu installation went on fine, and most of the hardware are working. An important point to note is that the wireless networking adaptor didn’t work while booting using the ubuntu 9.04 live cd, but worked fine when running from harddisk. Also the spdif out didn’t give any thing unless the surround volume in alsa is up and unmuted. Also auto matic front muting doesn’t work when the headphone is plugged to the spdif/headphone out.

I have not yet tested the fingerprint, and currently working on getting the FN+Up and FN+Down to increase and decrease the volume. Will post the progress as things go on

My Workshop

After about a years construction and refurbishment work finally got my workshop to a  ‘almost complete’ stage. The only problem now is from the huge amount of dust and the rats. Got to find a workaround for those 2 problems as well.

Here are the pics.

Courier IMAP Login Failed Issue – Fixed

Recently while configuring a courier-imap I came across a frustrating error where I couldnot login using the correct username and password. I was using authpam module and the server logs just stated Login Failed, and then Logout.

Enabling debug level 2 didn’t help much, but then figured out that I had set DEFDOMAIN in the imapd config file which failed the pam authentication.

Also I found out that each change to authdaemonrc takes effect only after I restart courier-authdaemon and not courier-imap or courier-imap-ssl.