Prestashop Direct Deposit Payment Module

I’ve written a direct deposit payment module based on the cheque  payment module for Prestashop. The module allows you to configure your bank account, so that users will be shown the bank account details on checkout. No automatic callback mechanism is included, as different banks use different methods of notification. You will have to update the order status manually through the back office once you receive the payment confirmation from the bank.

This module has been tested with Prestashop 1.3.3

Please read the README file for installation details.

Writing these modules takes time and effort. I appreciate your kind donations by paypal if this module serves your purpose.


Download here


4 thoughts on “Prestashop Direct Deposit Payment Module

  1. hi,
    Prestashop Direct Deposit Payment Module
    please help me,
    i want similar prestashop v-1.4 module

    if its possible please send me by mail

  2. hi,
    i install prestashop 1.4.5 version, its not working, upon submit page its blank
    if you update please email me
    best regrads

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