A few research ideas…

I’ll be updating this post with new ideas that come to my mind from time to time. Here are some research ideas I currently have.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of them, we may be able to do a joint research.
1. A security model for distributed jobs

2. Managing distributed jobs with agents : Computing with disconnecting agents over an unreliable networks

3. Using static code analysis and pre loading DAOs : an alternative for lazy loading

4. Automatic search and download manager for research papers
You submit the name of the paper, the download manager will search from the internet and have it downloaded for you.

5. Usage of Gossip protocol for effective video streaming.

6. A mind map of searches on existing search engines.
A FF plugin or similar tool to mind map searches done in a search engine, so that you can do a new search on the results of another search.

7. Semantic object databases
Using semantics for effective search

8. Using neural network to make nested loop join more efficient

9. Automatic annotation of current web resources with semantic markup
A method to automatically annotate existing web resources, with semantic markup. A new approach of making semantic web popular

10. An alerting and warning system for aggressive driving, and road rage. – A system which will warn drivers, of their aggressive driving and alert authorities if the behavior continues. Will need to involve external and internal data collection system, such as satellite monitoring, road side camera monitoring, vehicle on board sensor readings, and driver behavior.


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