JAVA SE 7 – Dolphin to be out in 2008.

According to Ray Gan (read his blog), JAVA SE 7 code named Dolphin (The Dolphin Project) is to be started in late July on The release of Dolphin is planned to be in 2008.
Further non critical bug fixes, and API changes would be considered for this release.

The current version JAVA SE 6 code named Mustang is to be shipped in September this year. The current development means bug fixes only and is expected to have update releases every three months.


3 thoughts on “JAVA SE 7 – Dolphin to be out in 2008.

  1. What am I seeing, Java.NET i just went to the Dolphin Project, there was no info abt it. Should i be excited abt the word .net after java or should i be excited abt the word “Dolphin” (u know what im talking abt)

    why dont u give us a briefing abt these stuff

    Amen, Brother

  2. Hmm… i think my dream of unified programming just went down. The moment i saw Java with .NET i thought my dream came true, think abt languages working togeather, where everyone works togeather to enhance the current language, without putting out new languages then and there. more innovations and sharpeneing to a single language will make it the default programming language for everything and the burden of learning languages will be reduced

    Amen, For United Programmers 😉

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