JAVA’s new direction-OpenSource???

I was just reading the 2006 JAVA ONE conference wrap up. when this caught my attention.

Exact quote.. from the wrap up  "

New Directions – Open Source, Really?

At the Tuesday morning conference kick-off, Jonathan Schwartz, a JavaOne regular, made his first appearance as Sun's new president and chief executive officer, "my new job." He introduced Rich Green as the new Sun EVP of software, returning as a Sun "boomerang" from a short stint away.

Schwartz handed the JavaOne conference over to Green in an informal passing of the "pickle" gesture. (The pickle, he explained is the remote control for all of the onstage visuals and speaker support.)

Then, pickle in hand, Rich Green divulged a clue on the next major direction for the Java platform: open source. It's been a delicate subject for a long time, and open sourcing Java technology is a major step with implications throughout the Java community. The challenge is how to maintain the compatibility value proposition of the Java platform in an open source market.

Green wouldn't give any details on making Java technology available as an open source platform just yet, but he said, "It's not a matter of Whether, but a matter of How." More news and developments will continue to flow on this topic, but for now, it's one step at a time. Stay tuned, but get ready for changes and new opportunities for all.

Also, Jeff Jackson, senior VP, Java Enterprise Platforms and Developer Products, and his host of presenters, talked on a wide range of topics, including:

  • Simplified Programming Model with Annotations
  • EJB 3.0 support for POJOs
  • New Java Persistence API
  • Foundation for SOA
  • Web 2.0 Applications with AJAX
  • IDE support available in NetBeans 5.5

And that was just the first morning. "


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